Stop Depending on Doctor’s Visits
Monitor Patient Health from Home

CheckMyVitals® is a 360-degree complete healthcare solution for advanced remote patient management. The mobile health app replaces the traditional paper logs of a patient’s vital signs records and establishes a live streaming communication system directly into the physician’s office.

The CMV app can be installed on any phone, tablet, or PC device. The patient or a family member can use this app to record their vital signs readings such as blood pressure or blood glucose levels.

Remote Patient Monitoring
via CheckMyVitals® App

  • The App Provides An Easy And Secure Way To Transmit Self-collected Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, And Heart Rate Values Directly To Their Healthcare Provider In Real-time, Anytime From Anywhere.
  • The App Has An “On Line” Feature Which Allows For Two-way Direct Messaging. This Enables Patients And Health Providers To Freely Exchange Meaningful Information, Thereby Accelerating The Treatment Time While Advancing The Quality Of Care.
  • The App Enables Patients To Instantly Feel Empowered To Manage Their Own Disease. Patients Quickly Learn The Cause And Effect Of Their Readings As It Relates To Their Disease Along With The Value Of Testing Accurately And Often.
  • When Patients And Physicians Use The CMV App, A Two-way System Of Communication Between The Patient And The Provider Is Achieved, Which Fosters Teamwork, Quality Care, Informed Communication, And Accurate Treatment For Improved Disease Management Between The Patient And The Physician.

More App Features for the Patient

  • Diet Database Available Through USDA Live Database For Capturing Diet And Calories.
  • Stress And Sleep Tests Available For Patient Data Capture.
  • Bluetooth Exercise Data Capture Through Apple Watch And Other Bluetooth Devices Like Mobile Phones.
  • Demographics Data Elements Like Weight, Height, And Family Support.

App Dashboard Features
for the Provider

  • Notifications Based On Personal Thresholds For Patients.
  • Chats Available For Patients To Notify Staff And Providers.
  • Providers Are Notified Based On Colors And Search Options. Providers Can See Whether Patients Are Still Online To Discuss Points.
  • Providers And Staff Can Sort Data Based On Device Data Vs Manually Entered Data
  • Providers Can See All Demographics, Financial And Home Support, And Other Elements For Patients Through Healthy Wheel.

Less burden on Providers. Patients love the Simplicity!