Providing Dedicated Healthcare
With CheckMyVitals® App

The CMV mobile healthcare app aims to bridge the gap between the patients and the care providers. It provides a 360-degree solution to enable remote patient management, replacing the traditional patient logs with electronic data that is updated in real-time.

The CMV app establishes a live streaming communication system directly into the physician’s office. Whenever a patient uses the healthcare app for checking their vital signs such as blood pressure or glucose levels, it makes an automated entry into the patient’s official health file.

Benefits of CMV App for
the Healthcare Providers

  • Patient data is captured continuously without any human errors
  • Data is validated through advanced algorithms to reduce any redundancy
  • The app has a live chat feature, allowing providers to communicate with patients on important matters.
  • Advanced analytics allows providers to predict accurate outcomes and improve patient collaboration.
  • Providers can categorize their data on individual parameters and set notifications for personal thresholds for patients.
  • Providers and staff can sort the patient data based on device data vs manually entered data.

Dual Way Data Integration with EMR

  • A two-way interface with any electronic medical record system for better patient data alignment.
  • Data from EMR patient based CCDA is brought into CMV for complete medical record review.
  • System platform capable of FYRE, HL7 and PDF interface compatible with EMR agnostic data interface structures.

Provider Dashboard Features

  • Notifications based on personal thresholds for patients.
  • Chats available for patients to notify staff and providers.
  • Providers are notified based on colors and search options.
  • Providers can see whether patients are still online to discuss points.
  • Providers and staff can sort data based on device data vs manually entered data
  • Providers can see all demographics, financial and home support, and other elements for patients through Healthy Wheel.

How Advanced Analytics helps Providers?

  • Allows data to be transformed into information that helps providers through prediction, forecasting, and control charts.
  • Raw data from vital signs allows super algorithms to let providers see ahead.
  • Data is recorded only once, which can then be saved and shared with multiple providers on demand and instantly.

Ask us about how you can customize CheckMyVitals®
for your clinic or healthcare system.