Clinic Model

Statistics show that nearly 116 million adults in the U.S. (47%) are diagnosed with a hypertension problem. It also says that 37.3 million Americans, that means 1 in 10 people, suffer from diabetes. The same study also revealed that 1 in 5 people were unaware that they have diabetes.

Such alarming numbers make it pretty clear that keeping up with their annual doctor check-ups is important for every individual. But a question arises: Is visiting the doctor once a year enough?

With the CheckMyVitals mobile health app, people can now keep a tab on their body’s vital signs without needing to wait for doctor appointments. The app instantly records the patient’s health data and establishes a live streaming communication system directly into the physician’s office.

How Clinics Adopt the CheckMyVitals App?

The hardware system design is a unified triangular platform interconnected for signal acquisition (application system) connected to signal conditioning platform (customized analysis function with flexible configuration) adoptive to interface integrated report in the electronic medical record.

Data Creation


Integrated Report

At the time of enrolment with the clinic, all patients will receive education on how to monitor their vital signs by the site coordinators, as well as operational details on accessing the data, messaging to the providers.

How Do Clinics Benefit?

Be it blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate, or pulse readings – a patient or their family member can measure and record these vital signs and enter the data into the app. Thanks to the app, this data gets automatically updated into the patient’s file at the clinic and allows the provider to take a look at the numbers.

This allows providers to check on the patient’s health updates without needing an appointment. It reduces the burden on the clinics and also minimizes the chances of any manual errors in keeping patient records.

Providers get a chance to review the patient files on their own time and may design a care plan as best suited for their latest health readings.

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