About Us

CheckMyVitals (CMV) is a 360-degree healthcare solution for advanced remote patient management.

Started in 2006 by Dr. R. A. Ramanujan and Dr. Anu Banerjee, the app is currently used by more than 3000 patients daily.

The mobile health app replaces traditional paper logs and establishes a live streaming condition system directly into the physician’s office. It provides the patient or their family member with an easy and secure way to transmit self-collected blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate values directly to their healthcare provider in real-time, anytime from anywhere.

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CheckMyVitals Key Features

The health monitoring app aims to provide dedicated
healthcare for patients sitting at their home.

  • Vital Signs Monitoring

    Patients can check their blood pressure and blood glucose levels, heart rate, and more using the app.

  • Real-time Chat

    Patients and their caregivers can speak to a healthcare professional regarding any irregularities in the health reports.

  • Diet Chart

    Patients can get healthy diet suggestions from experts to improve their health and lifestyle.

  • Stress & Sleep Tests

    Patients can opt for stress and sleep tests virtually if needed through our app.

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The ALL New CheckMyVitals OCTOPUS kiosk model
For easy implementation and access

The name OCTOPUS stands for the eight vital signs of physical health. Patients can use this online kiosk to instantly
check their vital signs whenever needed and the app automatically sends the data to your health providers.

  • Blood Pressure

    Blood Pressure Is A Measurement Of
    The Force Of The Blood Circulating In Your Body And How Much
    Pressure It Puts On The Walls Of Your Blood Vessels.

  • Blood Sugar

    Blood Sugar Or Blood Glucose Levels
    Measure The Amount Of Glucose Or
    Concentrated Sugar Found In Your Body’s
    Blood Stream.

  • Weight

    Body Weight Is A Crucial Factor In
    Maintain And Regulating One’s Physical

  • Stress And Sleep

    Stress About Some Situation Or A Lack Of Sleep Can
    Disturb Your Body’s Resting Cycle, Which May
    Negatively Affect Your Health.

  • Temperature

    Body Temperature Measures The Average Surface
    Temperature Of Your Body. It Shall Range Between 97°F
    (36.1°C) And 99°F (37.2°C).

  • SpO2

    SpO2 Levels Refer To The Oxygen Saturation Level
    In Your Blood. Ideally, It Should Measure Between
    95 To 100 Percent.

  • Diet

    Keeping A Comprehensive Record Of What
    You Eat In A Day Will Help Your Health
    Provider To Closely Monitor Your Diet And
    Enable Them To Advise You Better On Your

  • Exercise Activity

    Keeping Track Of Your Exercise Routine On The CMV
    App Allows Providers To Also Keep A Check On Your
    Physical Activity.

Patients like Simplicity! Just Simple Technology!

How It Works

The CheckMyVitals healthcare app is easy to use ,
for both patients and care providers.

  • Patient enters
    Vital Signs

  • CheckMyVitals
    organizes data

  • CheckMyVitals stats
    the data

  • Provider
    reviews data

  • Provider coordinates
    care for the patient

  • Patient receives

  • Patient data
    sintegrated with EMR

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Integrated Healthcare Solution

For Better Patient Care

The CMV app brings together patients and healthcare providers to create an integrated healthcare solution that helps improve the whole healthcare system.

The remote patient monitoring feature ensures continuous patient collaboration and enables better family support. It provides the healthcare staff with motivation and support, and builds healthcare providers’ confidence toward better patent care.

  • Provider involvement in patient care is not limited to office visits four times a year.
  • Involves patients’ family members in their care, which creates a stage for better patient care and monitoring.
  • Providers bring confidence for patients who can develop care methods to improve their own health.
  • Providers impact overall healthcare by implementing care plans for every aspect of life including stress, sleep, diet, and exercise.